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ERP System of the College

College of Pharmacy Roorkee is an ICT enabled college where 90% of the processes are online through ERP an automated system for e-governance. This ERP system save a huge amount of paper. The ERP system integrates all facets of the operations of the college in a single database, application and user interface.

The ERP system also used for the analysis of currently available data of examination scores or attendance percentage. The analysis can give college an opportunity to find out the merits and demerits of the process and improve them

Some of the features of the ERP system are as follows:

1. Attendance Management: The attendance of each student is marked during every lecture and real time SMS is being sent to the parents to inform them about the absence or presence of their ward. Parents can also view the attendance of their ward through parent login.

2. Learning Management: The Learning management system connects the students to the faculty members online for their queries. This feature also provides many other functionalities such as:
1. Online Time table
2. Online Assignments
3. Online Reading material and Notes
4. Online Quiz

3. Examination Management: All the examination activities are also done through the ERP system. The marks of students are uploaded on the portal and students and their parents can view these marks through their respective login.

4. Library Management: College library is fully automated and all the activities are done through ERP only. There is a facility of Digital Library for the students, where a large number of e-books, notes and reading material are available.

5. Hostel Management: students can view complete details about the hostel rooms and they can also book the rooms. Hostel management also consists of the following feature:
1. Online Attendance in evening on daily basis.
2. Real time attendance to the parent’s mobile number about the absence or presence of their ward in the hostel.
3. Daily menu of the mess.

6. Student login: A user id is provided to every student and through ERP they can 1. View their class time table.
2. View their class attendance .
3. Download the reading material and notes .
4. Upload the completed assignments .
5. View their marks in class assessment.
6. Give feedback about the academics.
7. Put their grievances about the system.
8. Pay fee online.

7. Parent login: A user id is provided to every parent and through ERP they can 1. View the progress of their ward.
2. View the class/hostel attendance of their ward.
3. Give feedback about the academics.
4. Put their grievances about the system.